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Born on Brazilian soil, Pantanal General Trading came to strengthen the relationship between Brazil and the United Arab Emirates through the exchange of knowledge and high-quality products.

Brazil is a country of fertile land, rich in minerals and unique ecosystems. Year after year, our country has been breaking records in food production. Brazil has the potential to feed the planet.


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Embark on unforgettable adventures tailored just for you. Our range of services ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience in the heart of the Pantanal. From guided wildlife tours to immersive cultural encounters, has you covered.

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Our team of experienced guides is passionate about the Pantanal’s flora and fauna. Let us lead you through lush landscapes and hidden gems, providing insights that make your journey truly special.

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At, we understand that every traveler is unique. Choose from our customizable packages to create a personalized itinerary that suits your interests and preferences.


The bean production follows the cultural practices, from plantation to postharvest, and values the tillage procedures, providing a special drink with unique flavor notes and rich aroma.

With high-standard coffee beans, arabica type, and from the high tillages of the south of Minas Gerais, the Pantanal Drip Coffee has certified origin, as well as the origin warranty of each one of over 7,000 Capebe’s cooperates.

With proud of being Capebe and for each producer- ooperate and its families dedication, Pantanal Drip Coffee changes the act of its tasting into a new experience of drink coffee. Enjoy!

About Us

For over 150 years, Brazil has been the world’s largest coffee producer. Much of its territory is in the intertropical belt, considered optimal for the cultivation of that grain. The variation of the microclimates and the different terroirs allows the production of peculiar and high-quality species.

With a wide range of clean label, biodynamic, and organic products coming from small and medium producers, the focus of Pantanal Trading is to provide access to the so-called “superfoods,” contributing to promoting the extension of life and the expansion of human consciousness.

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